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Hello, I’m Katie! A Fine Art Wedding Photographer and Workshop Instructor. I’m 24 years old, 10 months newlywed (and loving it!), coffee obsessed, love travelling and exploring new places, and absolutely in love with Jesus. My photography journey began 10 years ago when I picked up my first DSLR in high school and 7 years ago when I photographed my first wedding. I love photographing weddings (and still do), But I’ve begun falling more & more in love with the educational side of photography. I love seeing other photographers thrive in their business and grow in their talents. Nothing excites me more! I’ve hosted three workshops thus far, one on the beautiful coast of Oregon and two in Toronto. I have a passion to continue teaching workshops and I can’t wait to hopefully meet you at one of them in the future! Make sure to subscribe below to receive updates on my upcoming workshops.


“Attending Katie Nicolle’s workshop allowed me to spread my aesthetic wings and really express myself as an artists. She was like an open book, sharing tips, tricks, composition, metering, getting bookings.... it was such an invaluable experience!” - Sabrina Banfo

“Katie Nicolle’s Toronto Workshop 2018 was a well-worth investment. Katie and Vivian Lyttle were greatly organized, time-efficient, and encouraging teachers. Their team of vendors put together a day that would benefit every wedding photographer’s portfolio. Katie kept the workshop encouraging, and fair to each individual that attended. The atmosphere was fun, light-hearted, and easy going, while also giving room for creativity and technical learning. She made everyone feel welcome no matter how many years of experience they had, and her willingness to help attendees both BEFORE and AFTER the workshop stood out the most. She’s truly in it to help fellow photographers grow in their technique, passion, and business. I’d highly recommend one, if not all of her workshops.” - Magna Arnott

“Katie Nicolle Photography (based in Niagra, Ontario) and her team of hard working professionals put together a fun, loving experience for us all to participate in. I've fallen in love with workshops now and will absolutely be participating in more of them!” - Marie Roy

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