2015 Year Review


2015 has been the best year for my business yet! After photographing 22 weddings, several engagement sessions and over 5 styled shoots.... I couldn't be more happy with the outcome. 

This year has challenged me in so many ways, especially with being in school. I managed to get through all of these weddings while also finishing my fourth (and last) year in school for Photography. I have ONE more semester left in the new year and I'll finally have my Bachelor of Photography! TOO exciting. 

While working on putting together so many styled shoots, I had the privilege of working with other SUPER talented vendors in the area. This year was my first year being published in an online wedding blog (which had been one of my goals for 2015) and after being published in one....well, I was published in a lot more as you can see.... CRAZY!!! 

I was also personally invited to be apart of Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book of vendors near the end of this year, and of course I couldn't not say Yes!! I honestly Praise God for ALL of these accomplishments, because without Him none of this would've been possible. I am so grateful for his blessings and favour over my life, not only in photography but in every area of my life! 

In June 2015 I had the opportunity to fly out to Portland, OR to photograph an engagement session and a few other couple sessions while I was there. This was completely a dream and felt unreal. I was so blessed by the couples that I met there and couldn't help but run down the Oregon coast and breathe in every part of it. I'm also SO excited to be going back to Oregon over the new year to photograph a wedding for the same couple who I did their engagement pictures!! 

Here's a little behind the scenes of my 2015 year ;)

This year I also bought a medium format film camera. I've been wanting to learn film for a little while now...so this year I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone and start practicing. To be completely honest, it hasn't been an easy journey so far. There's been multiple times where I've felt like quitting because I wasn't getting the results I wanted. However I'm so thankful for amazing friends in the industry who push me and keep me motivated. I'm excited for when I start getting the results I want because I know film is an absolutely gorgeous medium and just has certain qualities to it that digital will never match up to :)

So here's to 2016...hopefully getting a lot more practice and soon start offering in my wedding packages!!

I want to share a little bit of my personal journey as well, because my life is a lot more than just taking nice photos ;) A year and a half ago, I started a ministry group called Love on Hamilton. This year was soooo fruitful for this ministry and God has blessed it in so many ways. After sowing into it for so long, we finally began to see the harvest. We've seen crazy miracles happen over the last few months....and I'm talking crazy....you may not even believe me! We've prayed for all sorts of healings in Jesus's name and seen them happen. One man who wasn't able to walk was able to get out of his chair and walk around, he started crying because he was so overwhelmed by God's love! We've seen a girls ankle that was messed up from a previous accident, the tendons had been torn, and out of God's love and what Jesus did on the cross, we prayed and she felt a warm heat come over her ankle and BAM! God had completely healed every part of it. I could go on and on and on with testimonies... I am so beyond grateful for what God's doing in downtown Hamilton and that I get to be apart of it! Besides photography, reaching the hopeless and broken is the other passion that Jesus has placed on my heart. 

And finally...here are some of my absolute favourite images I've captured in 2015! I can't wait to see what 2016 holds and all the amazing couples I get to work with :)

Thank you all SO much for your continued support and encouraging words. It means the world! I'm praying that you also have an amazing year in 2016 with tons of favour and blessings because God loves you and cares about you that much! 

Yours Truly,