The Switch


As most of you have seen on my social media lately...I've recently bought a film camera! Woohoo! More specifically, a Pentax 645n medium format camera! I know most of you probably have no idea what that means, and hey that's okay. I'm still learning and figuring it out too. 

 The last time I worked with film was back in high school and boy was it so much fun. We would go out for an hour or so taking shots of EVERYTHING and I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Whether it was a portrait of a friend, a pretty flower, or simply the cars in the school parking lot; we captured it all. After we were finished we would go into the dark room and develop the film. This is where the magic would happen. The feeling of seeing your image appear by the splash of a few chemicals was mind blowing and I loved it all too much. However after high school I stopped working with film completely; it wasn't practical with where I was at in my business. Staring my first year of school...working at Harvey''d think flipping those burgers would have covered the cost right? Well, film isn't exactly cheap and in fact it's quite the opposite. 

So why film? Well firstly I'm not completely getting rid of my digital equipment, I'll be shooting hybrid (digital & film). Mostly digital in the beginning until I begin to get the results I want with film. I've made a list of just a few reasons why Ive chosen to begin this film won't make sense to everyone, but I hope this helps you understand a bit more...

1) It's Timeless. It really is. Film will never go out of style, the look of film is always desired. You just can't create on digital what you can create with film. I've tried over and over again but it really isn't possible- at least to the photographer's eye. 

2) Unpredictability. There's something so special to me about not knowing how it's going to turn out. You take the shot, and you have to wait till the whole roll of film is finished before you can even send it off to get developed/scanned. There's a whole process behind it which makes you slow down and take your time on each shot. You don't just snap away like you do with digital, you begin to focus on all the small details and notice everything in the photograph. 

3) The Shutter. Ok this one may sound a bit silly...but if you heard the shutter on this thing you would understand why. Every time I take a frame my heart literally skips a beat. It's the truth. 

4) Better Photographs. I feel like I'm finally getting good results with my digital camera and film will take me to a whole new level. The colours, the bokeh, the soft but yet still sharp images...I'm ready for a new challenge, I'm ready to create the best images I possibly can. Film will help me do this. 

There you have it folks. This is the start of my film journey and I'm really excited to share it with you all! I literally just sent off my first roll an hour's's happening...and I'm beyond EXCITED. Make sure to follow along with my adventures through these buttons below!