Romantic Paris Elopement


In October last year, I had the amazing privilege & honour of photographing Alex & Annette's beautiful elopement in Paris. It may have been one of the colder days of the month but the sun was out and shining and we were not complaining! With an early start to the day, the ceremony took place first with the beautiful Eiffel tower in the background followed by an afternoon of shooting in every possible location we had time for. Now let me tell you...I'm pretty sure there isn't one "ugly" location in Paris to take pictures. The alleyways, the side of buildings, the staircases, literally everything had so much character to it and was worthy to be photographed! Featured above are some of my favourite moments from that day...I feel so blessed & grateful for the amazing couples I have the pleasure of working with. I will always remember this day... Love you Alex & Annette!