Destination Weddings


This week has been one of those weeks- if I can be completely honest here. I've been doing SO much but yet it feels like I've done nothing. There's a never ending "to-do" list mixed in with all my photoshoots and it feels like it may never get done. 

There's another side to this though. Yes I'm partially overwhelmed but at the same time, I'm extremely excited. Excited that I'm this busy...excited that there's so many possibilities...excited to be finished school and hopefully travel the world! It's been one of those weeks where I keep pressing forward with my eyes towards the goal and my passion never withering. There has been lots of brainstorming and dreaming of how I can travel the world with my photography and focus on destination weddings. Not just the typical Cuba wedding where the couple travels for a vacation but couples that actually live in that part of the world! 

So here it is....
I'm making this journal post in hopes that I may get one or two destination weddings and continue to grow my business all around the world. There's absolutely nothing I love more than exploring, meeting new people and creating beautiful images. There will be discounts for couples getting married in: Italy, France, Germany, New Zealand, Oregon, California and more. If you have family living in any of these places, please let them know about this offer! 

I can't wait to see where this journey takes me. Thank you to everyone for all your encouragement and support! 

Yours Truly,